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There are many small business ideas available for those of you who want to start a business, but do not yet have a firm idea of what business you want to start. I'm sure that many of you are looking for ideas for starting a business, because your passion at the moment is to just become an entrepreneur.

There is nothing wrong in simply wanting to have your own business and be your own boss, but you still need some business ideas.

Moreover, you do not need to have an obsession about achieving world peace or curing the common cold—but you will need to become passionate about some business idea, or you will not succeed as a startup entrepreneur.

That is why you will need to do a thorough search of small business ideas, until you find that one idea that makes your heart pump a little faster and simply "feels right."

Don't think you need to be in the high-tech industry with an idea for the next Facebook or Twitter in order to have a successful startup. Here is what my favorite business guru, Tom Peters, has to say about business ideas and startups:

Video from the Tom Peters "Little Big Things Video Series"

So, don't limit your thinking. You don't need to have a high-tech product to have a successful startup business. Let your mind soar, and when you hit on the idea that you can become passionate about—proceed through the rest of this web site and build the business that will fulfill your dreams.


I know I'm repeating this several times, but if you skipped the first Section titled, Entrepreneurship on this web site, I recommend you go back and read it to make sure that entrepreneurship is really for you. Business ownership is not at all what the aspiring entrepreneur thinks it is, and often the reality comes as a shock.

O.K. then, assuming your passion to become an entrepreneur is as strong, or stronger, as ever, all you need are some ideas for starting a business. The best ideas come from within, as you identify a need not being met, and then developing your own idea on how to fulfill that need.

But remember, if you are not passionate about that business idea, you are not likely to be very successful. The need must match your passion.

If you're still stumped about what kind of business to start, it is often helpful just looking at some of the businesses in existence, which might jar some deep-seated desire you’ve had for a long time, making you realize that’s the business you want to pursue.

The Place For Ideas

The U.S., Canada, and Mexico jointly developed a system for coding all businesses in North America. It is called the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), so I took that list of over a thousand business categories, and removed many names that could only be "big business," such as: pulp mills, coal mining, oil refineries, etc.

The real purpose for using this list of business ideas is to stimulate your thinking and give you ideas for starting your own business.

You just have to be a little creative and visualize yourself running these businesses. Which business excites you, and matches your dreams and desires?

As you look at each business category, visualize yourself running a business like that, and mentally picture how you would run that business if it were your own. Do you think you could enjoy running a business like that?

If not, skip that business idea and move on to the next one. There are almost 1,000 small business ideas for starting a business on this list—in fact, every category of small business in North America is on this list.

As you study the NAICS list, write down all the small business ideas you get from the list, and then investigate each idea until you settle on the business you believe you could start up and run successfully—something you could be passionate about.

Due to the size of the small business ideas list, I constructed a pdf file, and you can access it directly from here. You may also access it from the "Business Resources" module on this website (use "Resources" on the NavBar).

In the event you are somewhat apprehensive about starting a new business, you may want to read the report titled Fear of Failure, or you can proceed directly to How to Start a Business.

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